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Tips & Checklist


Pack heavy item in small boxes: light item in larger boxes.
Label boxes and indicate room allocation.
Help kids to learn their new address by having them label their own boxes.
Plates & music collections should be packed vertically.
Make sure item with caps and lids are tightly secured.
Pack framed pictures with cardboard between.
Never overcrowd a box with fragile items.
Remove bulb from lights and pack separately.
Pack a box of essentials and mark it be unloaded first.
Take your phone book with you.
A handful of coffee, baking soda or charcoal in an old sock will keep the inside of your refrigerator smelling fresh.
If your are storing some goods, tour the warehouse where they will be kept to ensure it’s clean, dry and secure.
Jot down your Bill of Landing Registration number (located in the upper right corner) and keep it with you.
Consider holding a garage sale or giving your unwanted items to charity.
Give the Van Foreman a number where you can be reached or where messages can be left.
Leave your pet with a neighbor or friend during all the activity of moving day.
Moving plants in your car?keep foliage away from windows to avoid scorching the leaves.
At your new home hookup your TV and VCR to keep your kids occupied while your contents are being unloaded.
Let your computer become acclimatized to room temperature before plugging it in.
Have all vehicles moved out of the driveway prior to our arrivals.
Relax and trust the professionals to do their job!